Engage With Us

Check out our Small Group Opportunities for Adults, Youth & Children listed below


7-8 pm

Prayer group in Grace sanctuary (in partnership with Grace)

Contact – Anne Houston (click here to email)


10-11:15 am

Ladies Bible study in Grace classroom (in partnership with Grace)

Contact – Joan Wilson (click here to email)

2:30-4:30 pm

Ladies Bible study in various homes

Contact – Anne Houston (click here to email)


8-9 am

Men’s Bible study at rotating locations (multi-denominational)

Contact – John Head (click here to email)


7:30 – 11 am

New Commandment Men’s Ministry (NCMM) meets on the second Saturday monthly starting with breakfast at Cora’s then to care receivers (in partnership with Grace)

Contact – Dan Rueger (click here to email)

7-8 pm

Portabello Hymn Sing in the foyer of Portobello Retirement Home (691 Valin St.) on the third Saturday of the month (in partnership with Redeemer Alliance)

Contact – Anne Houston (click here to email)


6:30 – 9 pm

GYG Youth Group at Grace (multi-denominational)

The last Friday of the month is an ‘away’ activity.
Contact – Tomm Kuiperij (click here to email)

6:30 – 8 pm

Kids Club meets on the last Friday of the month at Grace
(in partnership with Grace)
Contact – Joan Wilson (click here to email)


Sunday School is available for children 4-12 years of age during the service.

Children have 30-40 minutes in a class with a teacher and helper. Typically, there would be a short prayer where they learn to talk to God and thank Him. A song or two, and simple lessons geared towards the Bible’s take on real life situations and of course all the wonderful stories in the Bible. We incorporate either a craft, game or even science, for hands on learning about God. They are encouraged to learn Bible verses. We also plan extra special activities occasionally around holidays such as a birthday party for Jesus at Christmas.

Children actively participate by coming forward during the children’s song to use rhythmic instruments and ribbons in their praise to God.

Children may bring their offering forward during the children’s song. Together with their teachers, they decide what they want to raise funds for; for example, buy a goat or chicken for a poor family overseas, buy a school uniform for a child in Africa, etc.

On the first Sunday of every month, everyone at Living Faith is being asked to bring some food items to donate to the Food Bank. These will be taken into the sanctuary, and during the children’s song, the children will take baskets and collect all the contributions.

Every three months, there is fifth Sunday. At Living Faith Bible Church, these are designated as ‘family services’. Music will be geared to children, and the children will be involved in some ways throughout the service. The ‘sermon’ will be more like a longer children’s story – and we know adults can learn from these just as well as the children! These special services are meant to be joyous times for families to worship together.

For more information contact Jan Rueger (click to email)